Free Joomla 2.5 template Under construction

Free Joomla 2.5 template, provided to us by An interesting kind of template, which in most cases costs money. Now you can take advantage from free features of one premium template.

Using Under construction template will do a good job for those of you, who constantly wonder what to put on the front page of their Joomla site till the moment when they find the best Joomla template. Our offer can be used in a vast number of areas.
Just set the date from the panel and countdown timer will start to count the time remaining before the event. Whether the event will be the opening of your new website, whether the event will be the time until your birthday, whether the event will be the time until you retire, only you can decide. We assume that you will like it.

These are some of the template features:

- One page layout
- Presets Logo type
- Logo image or text
- Chose month
- Chose day
- Chose hour
- Chose minutes
- Chose seconds
- Write year
- E-mail for the support info
- Phone Number for the support info
- Second text Top text
- This website is under construction
- Twitter icon
- Yahoo icon
- FB icon
- Stumbleupon icon
- Google+ icon
- Subscribers E-mail Write few words