Google 25.04.2012

By majurski • news • 25 Apr 2012

Today 25.04.2012 (25 April 2012) is a great day for all the spammers and all who brought their additional traffic from Google. New algorithm created a lot of trouble. It seems the developers of the most popular search engine have rewritten a fairly regular basis.

3 things must be noted, even be considered as advice for those who will try to get back their Google traffic.

  1. Long titles are no longer working as usual
    2. The links in the footer will not work well loved
    3. Tag system remains a priority

This is not official information is based on my observations today. Maybe Google will watch other things, what only time will tell.

One thing is certain, Google strikes not only spammers, but also people who were accustomed to write their posts with long titles.

Congratulations for the winners and excuses for losers.


There are a few facts with which we can not turn a blind eye.

  1. Sites with poor content, are now in top positions than those with quality content.
    2. You need the old links
    3. You need a spam comments
    4. In general, Google update actually became feed for spam.
    5. The step to human intelligence of Google at this stage failed.

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