Free Joomla football template

The name of game “Football”! Olee, olee, olee…. We are the champs… :)

England Football FanZone, is designed for all Premiership fans, giving them the chance to set up a website exclusively dedicated to their beloved team – Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and the National Football Team of England, within minutes!
This template is coming with most of the features offered by the previously released advanced Joomla templates – Joomla Vortex, Colourful World and Mini WebsiteBuilder.
However, England Football FanZone also includes brand new functions that distinguish it from the other templates and make its use for the set-up of a football fan website surprisingly effective.
There are some brand new features coming with this powerful Joomla template:
1. 3-columns Support – you can have up to two columns added to the right of the template’s body.
2. Multi-Color Support – choose from GREEN, BLUE and 4 variations of RED
3. Various football team skins/logos (through a parameter) – you can subject this football template to your favourite team, by simply choosing the corresponding skin option directly from your Joomla Admin Panel
4. Background change option – edit the background area image/color from your Joomla Admin Panel
5. Page alignment option – choose whether you wish to have the template aligned to the left, to the right or in the center of the monitor.
6. Display data ON/OFF – you can disable the showing of data on your index
7. Option to change the title’s default font.