Free Joomla template Disco Beat

Suitable for all kinds of music fan pages, MP3 download portals, DJ, record label and sound recording studio websites, the Disco Beat Joomla 1.5 template will help you visualize your music tastes and preferences online.

No matter whether you are a performer, a listener, or have a career working in the music business. The template’s layout consists of a central body area supplemented by two sidebars where you’ll be able to distribute the content of your website and a JavaScript-based main navigation menu bar offering a quick tour through its pages. Disco Beat, whose main purpose is exemplified by the night club life infused banner area image in the header section featuring an exalted music lover with headphones in hands, is available in 3 color schemes (blue, red and green against a dark-grey background), which will add a distinctive jazzy feel to your website. Plus, it offers 3 different music-inspired logo variations as well as a few Joomla modules for posting Latest News, Polls, Popular Links, etc.