Free Joomla clean design template

This clean design template has a some features.

- Collapsible User Positions- Ability to change the Header Styles

- Ability to change the Background Theme

- Custom color options

- Choice of showing and not showing the Large Top Banner

- Custom banner upload from the frontend Frontend Control Panel The frontend control panel is a new addition that allows more usability for the template and is only present on the site when logged in as Super Administrator.

You can now customize:

- Parameters from the front end

- Custom banner images assigned to menu items

- Replacing the logo, bullet, and blockquote images You’ll notice on the backend that we now have fourteen parameters, as opposed to the four we had before.

- Template Foreground Color

- Background Theme

- Header Styles

- Template Width

- Show Component

- Show Banner

- Switch Layout

- Custom Background Color

- Custom Header Color

- Custom Primary Color

- Custom Secondary Color

- Custom Font Color

- Custom Link Color

- Custom Link Hover Color

- PNG Transparencies.

This was a bugger of a problem when we received a post exclaiming that our transparent png files were a bit off in IE. Apart from writing a letter to Microsoft we decided it was best to fix this.

So now come with integrated pngfix solution in /templates/joomlapraise/js/pngfix.js especially for IE6.

- Our task is to give users more opportunities to change.

Not only did the template have only one width, it also did not provide custom color options. We’ve fixed this in the parameters of the template. Now we allow for three variable widths. Custom foreground, background, banner, header, font, and link colors are available as well.