Free Joomla template Top Gear

In “Top Gear” Joomla 1.5 template is designed to display your high-speed cars practices or chronicle major events on the race-track.

It is also suitable if you are a member of the club or car enthusiast motoring community, or if you own a garage, warehouse or car service station and seek adequate skin web design to drive dedicated to your site.
The appearance of the template of “Top Gear” consists of a double-column core area surrounded by left and right lane, two predetermined areas and bottom Newsflash1 module located in a zone banner that lets you post an event in moments of day in the most visible part of your index page.
In order to individualize the look of your template-based website, you can take advantage of 3 options color scheme (red / black, green / black, blue / black), 3 logo variations (car, wheel, Formula 1 flag ) and various modules for Joomla (Latest news, key concepts, Popular Links, Polls, Search and Login forms, etc.) that you can put on the bottom and sidebar areas of the template. In the JavaScript-based main menu navigation bar on the other hand, allows quick access to internal pages on your site.