Free Joomla 1.7 web design template

Globbersthemes again impress us with incredible style and of course free template for Joomla 1.7.

The template is simple and flexible. Globbersthemes designers once again gave us a lesson in professional web design. All superlatives would be redundant, the template speaks for itself. The demo of this template , all images are used with watches, which automatically makes it suitable for small watchmaker studios blog for fans of watches or anything related to the measurement of time.
Of course this should not limit you. You can use the the template for its own needs.
For example – a blog, personal website or gallery with some of the components of phoca
Some of the features offered by this free Joomla 1.7 template
- Popup (login, register window)
- A pleasant drop-down menu, which is already mandatory in the templates of globbersthemes
- Slideshow with 3 interchangeable , all images
- Columns 2 and 3

important: if you download this template for commercial use take and pay a special license (5 euros) on the homepage.Globbersthemes